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  1. ACL Reconstruction Rehabilitation Protocol 4 Control Pain and Swelling Crushed ice or an Aircast knee Cryocuff along with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications such as Advil, Nuprin, Motrin, Ibuprofen, Aleve (2 tablets twice a day) are used to help control pain and swelling. The nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication
  2. utes to help increase muscular strength, endurance, and maintain range of motion. See Figure
  3. Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Rehabilitation Protocol Dr. Jonathon Henry The following document is an evidence-based rehabilitation protocol for knee arthroscopy with ACL reconstruction. The protocol is both chronologically and criterion based for advancement through four post-operative phases

ACL RECONSTRUCTION REHABILITATION PROTOCOL ACCELERATED DAVID R. MACK, M.D. INTRODUCTION Proper rehabilitation after ACL surgery is essential to success. The approach recommended by Dr. Mack follows five stages, and begins within 1-4 days of surgery: x Phase 1: Immediate (weeks 1-2) x Phase 2: Early (weeks 2-6 on your rehabilitation after reconstruction of your anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). It contains detailed exercises appropriate for the different phases of rehabilitation. The exercises will help to strengthen the muscles around the knee and help you to regain full range of movement. Time frames mentioned in this booklet are based o PHYSIOTHERAPY FOLLOWING ACL RECONSTRUCTION PROTOCOL Rehabilitation following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction (ACLR) is an essential part of a full recovery. This protocol is intended to provide the user with instruction, direction, rehabilitative guidelines and functional goals REHABILITATION PROTOCOL The following is a protocol for postoperative patients following ACL reconstruction. The primary goal of this protocol is to protect the reconstruction while steadily progressing towards and ultimately achieving pre-­‐injury level of activity. Please note this protocol

These exercises have a limited role in ACL rehabilitation programs, because research showed that OKC-extension exercises from 60° to 0° flexion, markedly increase anterior tibial translation in the ACL-deficient knee, as well as ACL graft strain in the reconstructed knee [2] REHABILITATION PROTOCOL The following is a protocol for postoperative patients following ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair (medial or lateral). The primary goal of this protocol is to protect the reconstruction and while steadily progressing towards and ultimately achieving pre-injury level of activity. Please note this protocol is a guideline

Rehabilitation Guidelines for ACL Reconstruction in the Adult Athlete (Skeletally Mature) Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries affect men and women across a wide age range and at all levels of athletics. About the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) There are four main ligaments that stabilize the knee. The ACL is located in the center of th For ACL reconstruction performed with meniscal repair or transplant, defer to ROM and weightbearing precautions outlined in the meniscal repair/transplant protocol. The physician may alter time frames for use of brace and crutches. Supervised physical therapy takes place for 3-6 months. GENERAL PROGRESSION OF ACTIVITIES OF DAILY LIVIN ACL RECONSTRUCTION PROTOCOL PG. 1 . ACL Reconstruction Protocol . Applicability: Physician Practice Date Effective: 09/2013 Department: Rehabilitation Services Date Last Reviewed: 01/202

Early emphasis on achieving full extension equal to the opposite side (including hyperextension within normal range, 10*). Avoid direct palpation and mobilization on incisions/portals for 4 weeks. Exercises should focus on proper patella tracking and recruitment of the Vastus Medialis Oblique (VMO). Exercises should focus on lumbopelvic. This rehabilitation program has been devised to help people who have had Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction (ACLR) surgery. The program will describe the range of motion (ROM) and strengthening exercises relating to your calf, quadriceps, hamstrings and buttock muscles to assist in your rehabilitation after surgery

ACL RECONSTRUCTION RECOVERY & REHABILITATION PROTOCOL PREOPERATIVE: If you have suffered an acute ACL injury and surgery is planned, the time between injury and surgery should be used to regain knee motion, decrease swelling, and maintain muscle tone. Physical Therapy may be necessary prior to surgery. POSTOPERATIVE: Pain Medicine KNEE ANTERIOR CRUCIATE LIGAMENT (ACL) RECONSTRUCTION POST-OPERATIVE GUIDELINES . The following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACLR) guidelines were developed by the HSS Rehabilitation. Progression is both criteria-based and patient specific. Phases and time frames are designed to give the clinician a general sense of progression Lateral collateral ligament/Posterolateral Corner (LCL/PLC) This specific rehabilitation protocol should be used when both the ACL and PCL are reconstructed, along with one or more of the other ligaments. Other structures such as the menisci may also be repaired which can alter the rehabilitation guidelines

Department of Rehabilitation Services Physical Therapy ACL Hamstring Tendon Autograft Reconstruction Protocol The intent of this protocol is to provide the clinician with a guideline for the post-operative rehabilitation course of a patient that has undergone an ACL hamstring tendon autograft reconstruction Associate Professor of Orthopaedics Chief - Division of Sports Medicine Tel: (212) 598-6784 Rehabilitation Protocol: ACL and M CL Reconstruction Recovery after ACL reconstruction requires a thorough rehabilitation programme to ensure both optimal function of the knee and prevention of further injury. The long term goal should be both a return to sport, but also correction of preinjury deficits, potentially making the patient a better athlete than before their ACL injury. Post-operative ACL Reconstruction Rehabilitation Protocol from San Francisco Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Surgeon Dr. James L Chen, MD.For more information:ht..

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  1. Follow PCL rehabilitation guidelines. (Not ACL protocol) autogenous bone-patellar tendon -bone anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Am J Sports Med. Snyder-Mackler L. Practice guidelines for anterior cruciate ligament rehabilitation: a criterion based rehabilitation progression
  2. Rehabilitation Protocol: ACL RECONSTRUCTION +/- MENSICAL REPAIR 1. General Guidelines: Time lines in this rehabilitation protocol are approximate. If the physiotherapist feels the patient is not ready for progression (due to pain, swelling, inadequate ROM or strength), the time line should b
  3. ACL Reconstruction Rehabilitation Protocol 1. Pre-OP Visit: a. Patient Education ∙ O utline rehabilitation timeline. ∙ D iscuss: S welling/effusion control (PRICE). Q uadriceps inhibition caused by pain and swelling. A voidance of patellofemoral pain during activities P rotection of the ACL graft

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  1. ACL RECONSTRUCTION REHABILITATION PROTOCOL . General Considerations: • Pre-surgical phase to explain the protocol, condition non-injured extremities and to become acquainted with PT • Full weight bearing as soon as tolerated • Regular attention should be paid to incisions to decrease fibrosis and scarring, with particula
  2. REHAB PROTOCOL FOR ACL RECONSTRUCTION USING ALLOGRAFT . General Guidelines Brace: Locked in full extension for walking and sleeping for first week May allow 90 degrees flexion after first week given: 1) Full extension. 2) Solid, isometric quad contraction. 3) SLR. Brace will be worn for 10 weeks to protect graft, 0 to 90 degree
  3. The exercises and protocol start right after the next day of surgery when you have to exercise on hospital bed itself. It progress es to make you bear weight on the operated leg with an aim to make walking independently. In this article, we will discuss ACL reconstruction rehab protocol in phases. Although you must have given a guide from the.
  4. This protocol is a guideline for post-operative rehabilitation of patients who underwent ACL reconstruction using auto/allograft patella tendon. The protocol may be adjusted according to patient progress. Please notify me with any questions or deviations from the schedule. The following are the MAJOR OBJECTIVES of the rehab program: 1

Rehabilitation Program for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction This protocol is designed to assist you with your preparation for surgery and should be followed under the direction of a physiotherapist . extension (straightening) prior to ACL reconstruction surgery MOON ACL Rehabilitation Guidelines General Information: The following ACL rehabilitation guidelines are based on a review of the randomized controlled trials related to reconstruction visits to a rehabilitation specialist has been set at 6 visits for the MOON group patients

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ACL Rehabilitation Protocol The ACL rehabilitation protocol featured in this eBook is a guide for both clinicians and people who have undergone a surgical reconstruction of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL). You move through the ACL protocol at your own pace, and let the criteria govern how quickly you go, not a pre-determined timeline ANTERIOR CRUCIATE LIGAMENT RECONSTRUCTION BONE TENDON BONE (BTB) REHABILITATION PROTOCOL WEEK 1 Limited activity with ice and elevation for five days to prevent hemarthrosis and minimize swelling WBAT with crutches for five days for balance ONLY. Encourage Full WB ASA The following anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction rehabilitation protocol is specific to patients with a quadriceps tendon autograft. If a hamstring autograft was used, please refer to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction: Hamstring Autograft protocol on the Ohio State Sports Medicine website Considerations Before Setting up a Plan [edit | edit source]. Following the first 6 weeks of acute management after ACL reconstruction, creating a long-term rehabilitation plan can be challenging for physiotherapists.It is important to set specific goals and milestones for your athlete and build time frames accordingly

ACL Reconstruction Post-operative Rehabilitation Protocol. Days 1 to Seven • Moderate to severe calf pain should be reported immediately. Brace • Knee immobilizer or fracture brace is used 24 to 48 hours after surgery. This can be removed once the femoral nerve block has worn off and an independent straight leg raise is achieved ACL Reconstruction with Meniscal Repair Rehabilitation Protocol • Basic ACL protocol but no passive range of motion (PROM) greater than 90 degrees for four weeks; no squatting, hyperflexion for six months; no deep squats for 6 to 9 months; incorporate meniscal repair protocol Immediate Post-o ACL Reconstruction Rehabilitation ProtocolPostoperative Weeks 12 - 20 Goals: * Continued strength * Introduce jogging and light running * Introduce agility drills * Determine need for ACL functional brace1) Continue all of week 6 -12 strengthening exercises.2) Start straight, forward and straight, backward jogging and light running program.3. Guide To ACL Reconstruction Rehabilitation Welcome to our ACL Reconstruction Rehabilitation video series. The goal of these videos is to help maximize your recovery following ACL reconstruction surgery. This video should not be used as a substitute for regular physical therapy visits and guidance from your physician

ACL SURGERY & REHABILITATION Accelerated Rehabilitation after Anterior Cruciate Ligament ~econstruction' K. Donald Shelbourne, MD2 Paul Nitz, MD2 ehabilitation after ACL reconstruction plays a major role in the func- tional outcome of the extremity (2, 5, 7, 20, 2 1). Protocols for rehabilitation pro- grams (4, 5) focus on range of mo ACL Reconstruction Protocol PG. 1 ACL Reconstruction Protocol Applicability: Physician Practice Date Effective: 9/2013 Department: Rehabilitation Services Date Last Reviewed: 12/2016 Supersedes: n/a Or Date Last Revision: 12/2016 Administration Approval: Amy Putnam, VP Physician Service ACL RECONSTRUCTION REHABILITATION PROTOCOL DELAYED DAVID R. MACK, M.D. INTRODUCTION This DELAYED protocol is used if any of the following are present: meniscal repair, concomitant ligament repair or patellofemoral procedures, cartilage transfer or transplant, revision procedures, or marked physiologic laxity

To overcome many of the complications after ACL reconstruction (prolonged knee stiffness, limitation of complete extension, delay in strength recovery, anterior knee pain), yet still maintain knee stability, we developed a rehabilitation protocol that emphasizes full knee extension on the first postoperative day and immediate weightbearing according to the patient's tolerance REHAB PROTOCOL FOR ACL RECONSTRUCTION USING PATELLAR TENDON AUTOGRAFT . General Guidelines • Brace: Locked in full extension for walking and sleeping for first week May allow 90 degrees flexion after first week given: 1. Full extension 2. Solid, isometric quad contraction 3. SLR Brace will be worn for 4 weeks to protect graft, 0 to 90 degree Rehabilitation Guidelines for ACL Reconstruction in the Pediatric Athlete with IT Band or Skeletally Immature Athlete UWSPORTSMEDICINE.ORG 621 SCIENCE DRIVE • MADISON, WI 53711 4602 EASTPARK BLVD. • MADISON, WI 53718 cartilage and other ligaments of the knee. Cutting and pivoting activities (common in sports like football

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  1. Anterior Cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries are one of the most common and devastating knee injuries sustained whilst participating in sport. ACL reconstruction (ACLR) remains the standard approach for athletes who aim to return to high level sporting activities but the outcome from surgery is not assured
  2. Associate Professor of Orthopaedics Chief - Division of Sports Medicine Tel: (212) 598-6784 Rehabilitation Protocol: ACL PLC (Posterolateral Corner) Reconstruction
  3. Rehabilitation Program for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction This protocol is designed to assist you with your rehabilitation after surgery and should be followed under the direction of a physiotherapist. This is the initial recovery phase and it normally lasts 1 - 3 weeks. In the first week you should res
  4. ACL reconstruction rehab protocol. Arthrosurface joint replacement protocol. High Tibial Osteotomy. Iliotibial band tendinitis. Knee Arthroscopy Protocol. Knee Scope Chart. Knee Sports Conditioning. Knee Strength training
  5. ACL Allograft Reconstruction Rehab Protocol . Page 2 of 4 PHASE II: Post-operative weeks 4 to 12 Criteria for advancement to Phase II: • Full extension/hyperextension • Good quad set, SLR without extension lag • Flexion to 90o • Minimal swelling/inflammatio

rehabilitation protocols combined with increased awareness about the effects of painful rehabilitation on quadriceps inhibition, extensor mechanism dysfunc-tion is now a much less common cause of failed ACLR. 7 Pain/Arthritis Pain as a cause of primary ACL failure can be due to many factors. These include, but are not limited to should start right away. An early start to rehabilitation improves your knee pain, motion progression and ability to control your knee. Post-operative (after surgery) rehabilitation is needed for you to have movement and return to normal activity after an ACL reconstruction. The process for returning to physical and athletic activities includes GALLAND/KIRBY ACL RECONSTRUCTION WITH MENISCUS REPAIR POST-SURGICAL REHABILITATION PROTOCOL POST-OP DAYS 1 - 14 • Dressing: - POD 1: Debulk dressing, TED Hose in place - POD 2: Change dressing, keep wound covered, continue TED Hose - POD 7-10: Sutures out, D/C TED Hose when effusion resolve Knee ACL Reconstruction Rehabilitation Protocol- Dr Roshan Adkitte, Pune, Maharashtra. 93 likes · 3 talking about this. Education, workshop, Sports specific training, Exercise Prescriptio ACL Rehabilitation Protocol Phase I: 0-2 weeks after surgery Brett Sanders, MD Center For Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic 2415 McCallie Ave. Chattanooga, TN (423) 624-2696 This protocol is a guideline for your rehabilitation after anterior cruciate reconstruction. You ma

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This unique ACL rehab program was created by Dr. John Xerogeanes, Chief of Sports Medicine at the Emory Orthopedic & Spine Center, along with physical therapists Mike Newsome and Dan Kraushaar, to guide an injured athlete through each of the phases of rehabilitation after an ACL injury. While our attempt is to make each of the steps self. ACL Non-Operative Protocol . Anatomy and Biomechanics The knee is a hinge joint connecting the femur and tibia bones. It is held together by several important ligaments. The most important ligament to the knee's stability is the A nterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL). The ACL attaches from the front part of the tibia to the back part of the femur GALLAND/KIRBY ACL RECONSTRUCTION: BONE-TENDON-BONE AUTO / ALLOGRAFT POST-SURGICAL REHABILITATION PROTOCOL POST-OP DAYS 1 - 14 • Dressing: - POD 1: Debulk dressing, TED Hose in place - POD 2: Change dressing, keep wound covered, continue TED Hose - POD 7-10: Sutures out, D/C TED Hose when effusion resolve SportsMetrics is the first ACL Injury Prevention Program that is scientifically proven. It was created by a team of athletic trainers, physical therapists and researchers, under the direction of Dr. Frank Noyes. Sportsmetricsª is the foundation upon which sports-specific skills are built. Jumping drills ar

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aggressive protocols. The swelling settles more quickly, the knee motion is regained more easily, and the risk to the graft is less. 7) The type of ACL graft is important. Many of the rehabilitation protocols, including the so called 'Accelerated Rehabilitation' protocol of Shelbourne, were designed for open surgery using patella tendon grafts REHABILITATION GUIDELINES FOR ACL RECONSTRUCTION WITH MICROFRACTURE OR CARTIFORM/BIOCARTILAGE (FEMORAL CONDYLE OR TIBIAL PLATEAU) PHASE I (0-3 WEEKS) DATES: Appointments Begin physical therapy 2-3x/week, beginning 2-5 days post-op Rehabilitation Goals • Full extension symmetrical to contralateral knee by the first post-op visit at 2 week ACL Reconstruction Using Quadriceps Tendon Autograft Criterion Based Postoperative ACL Quadriceps Tendon Reconstruction Rehabilitation *Because this procedure only requires harvest of a portion of the quadriceps tendon rehabilitation can begin with minimal soft tissue limitations KEYWORDS Anterior cruciate ligament, physical qualities A pproximately 200,000 anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries occur each year in the United States and approximately 65% of these injuries are treated with ACL reconstruction (ACLR) surgery.1 With specific regard to the ACLR athletes, the postoperative rehabilitation that follow

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Rehabilitation Protocol: Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction with Bone -Patellar Tendon-Bone Allograft . Name: _____ Date: ____ 1300 746 853 ACL Rehabilitation Protocol 4th Edition Accelerated Rehabilitation Guidelines ACL Reconstruction (Short Graft) The short graft ACL reconstruction technique used by Dr. Macgroarty has been developed over the last 10 years in Europe and there have been over 40,000 operations of it's kind across the globe. It has bee

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ACL Reconstruction Rehabilitation Protocol. ACL RECONSTRUCTION REHABILITATION. While operative treatment for ACL reconstruction is important, the rehabilitation process is also vital to your health and the strength and healing time of your knee. Outlined below is a typical rehabilitation process for clients in the postoperative phase In a recent ACL-R rehabilitation protocol, Bishop 7 emphasises restoring neuromuscular control by stabilisation of knee from above and below (ankle and hip) during phase V (Advanced Activity Phase, 12 to 20 weeks). Based on this evidence, both neuromuscular and strength training is recommended, combining training modalities where possible to.

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REHABILITATION PROTOCOL FOR ANTERIOR CRUCIATE LIGAMENT (ACL) RECONSTRUCTION KNEE SURGERY Physiotherapy Guidelines This is a guideline for your physiotherapist to help you progress through rehabilitation over the course of 26 weeks following your knee operation. A physiotherapist who is experienced in kne ACL with Meniscus Repair | 2 Typically, after an anterior cruciate reconstruction surgery (ACL) with meniscal repair there is a protected range of motion and weight bearing period that can last up to 6 weeks. However, the large hematoma produced during the ACL surgery is considered beneficial to the healing of the meniscal repair and som

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anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction . This leaflet explains more about your ACL reconstruction, including advice and exercises to aid your recovery, as well as guidance on what to expect when you come to hospital. If you have any further questions, please speak to your physiotherapist ACL rehab protocol **Return to sport/work is dependent on passing of functional testing and sign off from primary physician. Approximately 9-12 months sport/6-12 months work. Any Questions? Please contact: Northwoods Therapy Associates Altoona, WI Chippewa Falls, WI (715) 839-9266 (715) 723-5060. Rehab modified with concomitantly performed meniscus repair, articular cartilage procedure, or posterolateral corner reconstruction **TTWB x 6 wks if Meniscus Repair . Please forward a progress report via fax or e-mail at least one day prior to the next MD visit or give to the patient to hand deliver Hamstring ACL Reconstruction Rehabilitation Protocol Muscle strengthening and endurance training Muscle contains Type 1 (endurance) and Type 2 (fast-twitch) fibres in varying amounts. Following ACL injury, these fibres show signs of atrophy (wasting away) and changes in cellular composition ACL reconstruction or repairr rehab protocol from immediately after surgery to 22 weeks and over

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Ohio State physicians and physical therapists work collaboratively to develop best clinical practices for post-surgical rehabilitation. The path to regaining range of motion, strength and function can require a sustained and coordinated effort from the patient, his or her family, the Ohio State Sports Medicine physical therapy team and sometimes, other healthcare providers ibicom /\n{Ç În£ äÎnn \n{Ç În£ än££ Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction Post-Operative Rehabilitation Protocol Illinois Bone & Joint Institut Given the long-term rehabilitation required, and the challenges in returning to play it can often stall or derail the most promising of playing careers. Despite the severity of the injury and the length of time laid off, outcomes after ACL reconstruction are extremely successful. The principal indication for having this done is an intention to.

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Rehabilitation protocols. The Gundersen Health System Rehabilitation Programs are evidence-based and soft tissue healing dependent programs designed to allow patients to progress to vocational and sport-related activities as quickly and safely as possible. Individual variations will occur based on patient tolerance and response to treatment ACL Reconstruction with Hamstring Autograft Rehabilitation Protocol GENERAL GUIDELINES • Presuppose 8 weeks for complete graft re-vascularization • CPM not commonly used • ACL reconstructions performed with meniscal repair or transplant follow the ACL protocol. For semitendinosus/gracilis autografts, isolated hamstring strengthenin 21. O'Meara P: Rehabilitation Following Reconstruction of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament. ACL Reconstruction 16 (3), March 1993. 22. Ploski M, Helfst R, Shelbourne D: Rehab After ACL Reconstruction Comparing Two Protocols. Rehab Management, Sports Medicine August/September, 1990. 23 For ACL reconstruction performed with meniscal repair or transplant, defer to ROM and weight bearing precautions outlined in the meniscal repair/transplant protocol. Time frames may be altered for use of brace and crutches. Supervised physical therapy takes place for 4-7 month Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) and Meniscus Repair Rehabilitation Protocol General notes: As tolerated should be understood to include with safety for the reconstruction/repair; pain, limp, swelling, or other undesirable factors are indicators that you are doing too much too soon. If any of these should occur

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